b'Illinois Agriculture in the ClassroomA Day in the Classroom Buying A typical snack bar nutrition label& Selling Consumerism is YOU choosing, buying READ the labels! Ingredient labels areSoybeanThere is a large market for soybeansIllinois soybeans are sold around theand using the products.required on all products we buy. The because they have so many uses.world. A lot of research goes into getting Soybeans are used in animal feed, asthe best price for a crop. Sometimes theSoybeans and their products areingredients on a label are listed by the Ag Mags can be found in classrooms andcooking oil, eaten whole, and so muchTaiwan or The Philippines. Sometimesincluded in all the food groups exceptamount of each ingredient in a productSEED COAToutside cover that more. That means that a lot of peoplebest prices come from Mexico, China,quality protein and contain al out your labels and look for soy oil, purchase soybeans for their own needsthe best prices come from much closerfrom the MOST to the LEAST. Check or to use as an ingredient in a newimportant because Illinois grows farfruits. Soybeans are a source of high-l nine erysoy flour, soy protein isolates and soy product. With so many people buyingto home. Global trade of soybeans isof the essential amino acids. V lecithin. and selling soybeans, prices for the cropif the entire crop stayed local. Likewise,few vegetables have all nine aminoCool BEANS! protects the seedgo up and down regularly.more soybeans than can be consumedacids. Soybeans also contain essential many areas cannot grow soybeans wellvitamins and minerals including backpacks throughout Illinois. Each Ag Magand depend on Illinois for their supply.calcium, iron, potassium and folic acid.The average American consumes nearly halfSoybeans are the seeds of the so, like peas or peant of the legume futs.amilyAlso, like ybean plant. They grow onHILUMbrown spot; allows waterCAREERS Its a fact! a cup of soybeans in some form each day. the soybean plant in podsuts, they are par into the seed coat peas and pean COTYLEDONevery day. A few examples include: buildingnutrientsreat source of protein and other essentialsource for the soybean and will vesthe first foodcovers a theme important to agricultureJENNY YANGDR. MARKOne bushel of soybeans weighs 60New soy products are being developedand a g . You can find soybeans in all sorts ofbecome the first pair of leaEMBRYOpart of a seed that Entrepreneur BERHOWch Chemistpounds and provides: in the seats of Ford vehicles. Each product isthe most versatilethe stem, leaves and rootsw plant, includingmaterials, plastics at John Deere and foamfood and industrial products making it one ofdevelops into a nePhoenix Bean,Resear 11 lbs. of crude soybean meal also a renewable resource!crops thereTRIFOLIATEgroups of three leavesLLC USDA, ARS, soybean oil 47 lbs. of is. Soroybeans wnutTAP ROOTthe main root of the plant, anch outare gwhile helping teachers meet learningwith Phoenix Bean?Chicago, ILUtilization Resear NCAURCrude soybean oilSoybean meal and eaten bvy erfrom which smaller roots br ater and consumption and is used for the world, byLATERAL ROOTSroots that extend How long have you been Peoria, Illinois is used for humanlivestock feed. people all o from the tap root and absorb wno countrago and have grown the companyWhat is the NCAUR?ch, or NCAUR, is consumer andso ws more. I took over Phoenix Bean 16 yearsThe National Center for Agriculturalindustrial products. groybeansnutrients from the soilfrom 6 employees to 18. We expecta laboratory created by the United ly created to findUnited StatesStates Department of Agriculture inthan thestandards through unique topics theyto grow significantly in the next fewnew uses for wheat and corn. Today,Soybean oil is the main edible oil used in the United States. years.1940. It was originalWhat is tofu, exact the lab is staffed by 100 research Tofu is basically soybean curd. Many ly?lowscientists and 160 other staffSoybeans are the #1 ingredient in vegetable oil. Checkpeople know edamame, or yel members who work to bring newyour kitchen and read the label on your vegetable oil.Watch ItGROWraw soybeans, but do not knowuses of US agricultural commodities, like soybeans, from the lab to the might not find in a textbook. they are eating soybeans. To makeDr. Andrew J. Moyer and his team Planting and har ear-round joby only .SPRING SUMMER F FALL WINTER , our tofu, we clean our soybeansmarketplace. The site was where which have been purchased fromfirst mass-produced Penicillin, the farmers. Then we soak them overnight to let the soybean openopening the era of antibiotics. e 4-5 months Farmers prepare the soil war eeds and insects andcollect the beans from theFarmers mean by market the cropusiness sprout is about 1/3 of an inch, theyHow are soybeans importantFarming is a y, bvesting maut there is a lot reat crop.and plant the seeds. irr mers work to control y. The big harvest. Farmersorder seeds and take careup and begin sprouting. When theto your work?takmore prepargroation that goes intoigate where necessar field and store them in while theare perfect for grinding. We grind thePerhaps the most successfulwing a g grain bins. of machinery.whole soybean and pasteurize thealternative crop developed by NCAURBeanie Babymash. This process creates a solid,is the soybean. Initially grown onlyNow that you know how soybeans growseeds are planted, the so and the leaves drop off. n broThe pods wnthe soybeans.Pick up an Ag Mag and youll find STEMsometimes called soy flour, and afor use as livestock feed, soybeanswhy not grow your own? , About four to seven days after thecalled the cotyledon peeks .wers7) In the fall, the plants tur This is when most farmers harvest liquid, or the curd.have become the second-biggest Is there any waste from the #1 source of vegetable oil asMATERIALS NEEDED: plant begins to grow. As it gybean rows, 4) through the topsoil. stick to the plant and the beans producing your product?row crop in the United States andJewelry size resealable bag the plant changes. rows a little,The leaves groifoliatesw in groups ofinside the pods get hard and dry. soybean scrap. W a result of Peoria research. Today,Crystal Soil (Found in plant nurseries tail-like root, called a radicle three called tr Each pod contains 3-4 beans. We actually recycle much of our e work with Loyolaingredients from soybeans are found (found in craft stores) 1) The planted seed g 5) appear on the plant.University where they are turning thatand numerous industrial applications or from Flinn Scientific 800-452-1261) which becomes the main root or ,Small purple or white flo in hundreds of supermarket products learning, English and history lessons,growers. There is still a lot of proteinsuch as inks, lubricants, glues and Hole Punch Water tap root. anch out from the taproot. 6) Many of the flowers grow intoscrap into a product for mushroomcoatings.Soybeans 2) Soon smaller roots, called lateralsmall pods of soybeans. in that material which can help theWhat is your role? ch Measuring spoons roots, br t of the plant round. mushrooms grow. As a research chemist, I resear Yarn 3) The plant pops out of the gWhy do you think more people compounds that plants create which1. Punch a hole in the top of your bag,A small round parare eating soybean products are not required for the plant to suggested reading and hands-on activities. like tofu and edamame in the survive. These are called secondarch, I explore y2. above the zipper seal. ystal Soil into the bag. 7. around the room to chart the effect of variousAREA:lion Acres2018 Illinois Soybean Stats PRODUCTION: U.S. in recent years?metabolism compounds, or People are realizing that soybeansmetabolites. In my resear Placeteaspoon of Cr Use the yarn to hang your beanie baby are really nutritious. In Japan forhow metabolites interact with other3. Drop 1-2 soybeans into the bag. exposures to light and heat. You might want to example, they eat them to reduceplants and insects and in the animals4. Add 1 tablespoon of water. wear it around your neck and under your shirt10.7 Mil 698 million bushels wrinkles in their skin. You can loseand humans that consume them. This5. Seal your bag. 8. to provide constant heat for your Beanie Baby! (thatsof IL!) #1 in the United States!some of that nutrition the more youinformation can be used for creating6. Insert the yarn into the hole to makeCheck your Beanie Baby several times a day process the soybean, so people areto watch the process of germination.The Career Corner helps students expandturning to products like our tofunew techniques for pest control, fooda necklace. 9. Record the growth on a chart. Average Crop Yield: SOYBEAN CROP VALUE:ground from the whole bean.additives or medicines. This issue of Ag Mag has been provided by: The IAA Foundation. Common Core Standards: ELA-Literacy.RI.4.1; ELA-Literacy.RI.4.3; ELA-Literacy.RI.4.5; ELA-Literacy65 bushels/acre $5,874,240,000 RI.4.7; ELA-Literacy.L.4.3 USDA Crop values 2017 Summary Feb 2018Next Generation Science Standards:Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: 3-LS4-3; Energy: their idea of what a career in agricultureTo learn more about Agriculture visit us at aarm Bureauour , 4-ESS3-1; Structure, Function, and Information Processing: 4-LS1.A; Structure and Properties ofTOP-PRODUCING COUNTIES: EXPORTS: Matter: 5-PS1-3; Structure and Properties of Matter: 5-PS1-4 office or Agriculture in the Classr IL Social Science Standards: Economics: SS.EC.1.3, SS.EC.1.4, S 1) McLean2) Champaign3) Livingston $500,000,000County FarmBureau1701 Towanda Avenue, Bloomington, IL 61701gintheclassroom, Illinois Foom.org, or contact y. Literacy: SS.EC.FL.1.4; Geography: SS.G.3.4, SS.G.2.5; History: SS.H.1.3S.EC.2.4, SS.EC.2.5; Financial4) LaSalle 5) Iroquoismight look likeProduction &SOYBEAN MEAL USE IN ILLINOIS: HUMAN CONSUMPTION Uses of SOYBEANSAg Mags, like all resources available toProcessing Pork production accounts for Cooking Oil Batters and Breading CONSUMER & INDUSTRIAL Animal Care ProductsAfter the crops are harvested, the so 85%of the soybean meal use in Illinois.Baby Food All-Purpose Lubricants Building Products are stored in g en to large ybeans These,cattle together Mayonnaise Breads Auto Care ProductsSunscreen Lotionstorage areas in nearbrain bins or taky communities.Dairy & beef Candyy ProductsCakes MedicineTable TopsIllinois schools, are provided at no coststorage areas are called g eat another 5% Salad Dressing Soy Flour Car Wax Carpet BackingMost soybeans grown in the United States rain elevators.TofuCheeses Candles SoapBakerare processed to make food, livestock feed,Margarine Noodles Cleaning Products Crayonsoil and fuel. Almost half of the ann Coffee CreamerGrits PaintGluemost is consumed by livestock. Theual crop y are .consumes Soymil kSnack Foods Cosmetics lerEngine Oilsis exported.ybean f Of the remaining crop in Illinois and poultry Cereal Peanut Butter Body LotionInkIllinois so armers #1 customer Rubber Insulationthanks to generous partnerships andWhen soybeans are processed, the hulleed.4%. ,ANIMAL CONSUMPTION Dairy Feeds Paint Strippers Soy BiodieselFurniture (seed coat) is removed. The beans areCattle Feeds Bee Foods Weed and Insect KilPlasticssoushed and rolled into flak Soybean meal is not only used f Poultry FeedsSwine Feeds Fire Extinguisher FoamFish Foodscr ybean meal are then separes. The oil andThe hullPet FoodSoy meal can be used in a vorm as animal farated.iety of foods can be used in pelleted f but also in food for pets, zoo animals and fish.or farm animals for humans and animalsin foods and used in cooking.ial uses., too! You can find so This oil has y donors. countless industr Soybeans often try are groawn to where thevel long distances from y areTechnology and DronesTrucks processed, used or consumed. trSoybeansIts a fact! Farmers have been growing soybeans fays technology is changing the soor thousands of years, but the technology used bybean industry today fary:mers is constantly where theTrains waorvel around the nation and around theBIODIESEL changing. Here are just some of the wld and do so mostly by truck, train or & Ships ships called barges.or storvations inBiodiesel is a renewable fuel made from soybeans. It is For shor , like from the fieldthe fastest growing alternative diesel fuel in the United travel in trrain eleter distances developed in the 1890s by inventor Rudolph Diesel. to a g ucksvator f age, soybeansStates. The diesel engine, which runs on the fuel, was . New innotrucking, like adding a sixth axle . The diesel engine has become the engine of choiceBLOCKCHAINA newtypes of imaging when surincrease a trucks load by 183 by, rail lines ushels, canfor power, reliability and high fuel economytechnology changing the w Soybean far. Aside from spotting To move across the countr worldwide.banks, companies and peoplewith drones mers use different veying make moving large loads of so petroleum fuel, al send money to one anothera.y flooded areas, and mapping the even easier. Illinois alone has 7,000 miles ybeansBiodiesel fuel, or a blend of bio- and lows engines to runWhile it is most famous for itseterrain, specially equipped drone of railroads crisscrossing the state and 48normally and decreases our need to useuses with digital currencies lik cameras can take Normalized different rail lines moving cargoybeans!ushels of . A 110-carOlympia School District, ces.in Olympia,the purchase and shipment ofDifference Vegetatione crop health. Index train can carr up our more limited resour Bitcoin, one of the very firstimages (NDVI) which can help soybeans. Thaty up to 403,000 bs 84 billion so BIODIESEL: Illinois, uses biodiesel in all 33so ansactions trackedfarmers analyz By of soybeans the longest distances FACTS ABOUT of its busses. The busses travelblocybeans BIOTECHNOLOGYBarges and ships carry the largest numberBiodiesel reduces exhaust up to 4,000 miles per day.kchain tr. This neybean sales inmaking small changes in the Because nearly 60% of Illinois soybeans .Imagine how much petroleumand protect so w technologygenetics of plantsare exported, barges are used to carr could be saved if all 440,000has the potential to speed up the crop o1,100 miles of y- leaks compared to petroleumschool busses in the U.S.the future. Up to 80% ofpractices can help those plants thrive in less than perf, biotechnology ect navigable wver anaterwy of Illinoisays. diesel fuel.switched to biodiesel. non-military drone use in theconditions. Like flipping a light (Soy Transportation Coalition)- Biodiesel is biodegradable DRONES switch on and offDid you know? Unmanned Aerial Vehiclesor agriculture, or .activ tr ate or deactivy tur, scientists ate cerning partain ts and non-toxic. United States is fThe Mississippi River is an important route for UAVs as they are sometimesof the plantaits in a plant bdelivering soybeans to the Port of New Orleans. called, help farmers surtant wveay their ys.off. For soybeanss genetic code on or , this technology ybeans Image: Barge on Chain of Rocks Canal ofOn a national level, 50% of U.S. soybeansfields in new, impormer would have biotechnology has been around entire field a f is used to help more soare exported. Previously, to get an image of angrow in less space. In a way, over and photogivarate pilot to flyof farming through selectivto lease a pr since the ancient beginnings Mississippi River just north of St. Louis. themselves and takraph the field. breeding. ly on, people e Now farmers can control Umuch lower cost.e clearer or a AVsrealized the Eary could replicate the images more often, and f traits they liked in their crop by planting the seeds of plants with that trait. Soybeans Through 1904 1940- Henry Ford took an ax1964 2005George W ashington Carver to a car trunk made with soybeanLand of Lincoln Soybean Association was formedSince 1976, average U.S. soybean yields increased by 50%.History 1829- Soybeans werebegan studying soybeans at theplastic to demonstrate its durability.to provide legislative representation for growers.E 2010s thriving in Massachusetts. Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.This increased the popularity of1969 Animal agriculture became FARMERS IN CHINA BEGAN GROWING Soybeans were used toCarver discovered a method ofsoybeans and the United Statesgrowing 76% of the worldsIllinois soybean farmers.SOYBEANS MORE THAN 5,000 YEARS AGO. 1861-1865 extracting soybean oil and alsobegan to export soybeans andThe United States wasa top funding focus for paints and stains from soybeans.soybean products. soybeans and exporting invented a process for making1730s chers,A brew a hot drink for soldiersB encouraged to plant soybeans C 1940s- Farmers plant moremore than 50% of the crop.Today Made famous by novelists, explorers and resear during the Civil War. Farmers in the South weresoybeans to meet the demand of1990s United States produce 4 Farmers throughout the soybeans are finally planted across Europe. 1897 to keep the soil fertile for their cotton crop. oils and plastics during W Soybean-based crayonsbillion bushels of soybeans 1765 The University of Il 1907- William J. Bill Morse joined the USDA and1950s- Soybean meal orld War II. D win the first Indiana Soybean Development Council/Purdueeach year. Farmers in Samuel Bowen plants the first soybeans, or Chineseits first research bullinois published letin on soybeans. devoted his life to studying soybeans. He was also thebecame available to use asUniversity Soybean Utilization Contest. Illinois alone produce more vetches as they were known, in the North American British1898 founder of the American Soybean Association and wroteIt is high in protein and low- 2002 than 600 million bushels yearly, which puts them first in the a livestock feed ingredient. colonies, in what is today the state of Georgia.The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)more than 80 publications about soybeans. cost. This prompted a largeUSDAs Agricultural Research Service begins heating its l its dieselUnited States! 1804 scountries and set up a system to keep track of the different1920s linois, in 1922 with 1,547 bushels from theincrease in livestock and poultryvehicles, generators and equipment sterilizers with B20 introduced several varieties of soybeans from Asianbuildings in Beltsville, Maryland, and fueling alJames Mease, a physician and amateur horticulturalist,kinds of seeds. in Decatur, Il - A.E. Staley opened a soybean processing plantproduction in the United States. made from soybeans.reported that soybeans had adapted to Pennsylvania Andrews Grain Company. Shippers were paid 99.75 cents growing climate. per bushel.B: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:George_Washington_Cararrenton, Fauquier County encampment, 1862, ver_c1910.jpg What do I want, John Henry NARA-533301.jpgC By Hartsook, photographer. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Henr_285345.jpgy_ford_1919.jpg E: By Bernhard Fuchs - NYK Virgo, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27657317 A: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration; W D: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cattle_in_stockyard_sales_pen._Halliday,_North_Dakota_-_NARA_-Dairydairy COWS HEALTHY DIET DID YOU KNOW? th. CAREER CORNER What is DAIRY? tNational Milk Day is January 11It marks the first of nonfat or low-fat milk and milkday milk deliveriesDairy cows are fascinating animals.products each day. One serving ofin glass bottles y is equal to 1 cup of milk, yogurThey turn grass and grains intodair began in the United yth to aor ice cream and 1-2 ounces ofStates in 1878.Frank Doll mer|Greenville, IL milk. Heifers are female dair th, it ischeese. y cow eats 100Vitamins/MineralsDairy Far cattle that have not given bir y cowsA 1,500 pound dair 2 poundsElgin Butter: calf. Once a heifer gives bir pounds of feed each day. ThisSoybean MealPhil Cardoso, DVM, PhD Amy Hildebrandt y farm1. T ell us about yourself and called a cow. All female dair iodnincludes corn silage, hay, groundGround Corn 5 pounds Each year, U.S. dairy Dairy Farmer|South Beloit, IL how you got involved in must have a calf to produce milk.corn, soybean meal and vitamins/ 8 pounds Hay farmers provide milk Dairy farming. The gestation (pregnancy) per minerals. Dairy cows also drink 30-5020 pounds to make more than How does buter link to Illinois? As more people moved from rural 1. Tell us about your dair My grandfather farmed. My dad tookfor cows is nine months. Newbor gallons of water each day. That is1 billion pounds to urban areas, many looked for convenient ways to help feed their family. Elgin, in northeastern Illinois, was home to many dairies,newcalves weigh about 80-100 pounds.about an entire bathtub full of water. But and they produced excess buter. Elgin was known as the buterstrength. While they were har cornAssistant Professor, and how you got involved. over the family farm in the late 1950s.yMale dairy cattle are called bullsWith all that eating and drinking, areCorn Silage of butter, 7 billion My husband was a dairy farmer andThen I came along in 1969 and showedtr y farming. I have twoand do not produce milk. cows stuffed? The simple answer is65 pounds Total: 100 pound per day pounds of cheese Dairy Research and ExtensionI began feeding calves after our firstan interest in farming from a youngMilk provides your body with calcium,no. They are eating to meet theirand 1 billion gallons capital of the world. Buter was traditionally sold in one-pound University of Illinois|Urbana, IL child was born. We milked 150 cowsage. I had a favorite cow as a child. Ienergy (calorie) needsthey doof ice cream.at that time and then expanded tomilked her and learned how to breed cows. My interest in dairlumps, but when consumers asked for more convenient ways 1. D escribe your position as 200, 400, and presently 800 cows.farming solidified in high school. I love what I do. Some days arewhich is needed for healthy bones andnot overeat. Young animals that to store buter, businessmen in the Elgin area invented a butercorn typically fer er stalk printer, a fancy word for a cuter. All buter sold east of the RockyFarmers continually look for more ways to improve their crop. Farmers ying, but I still love every minute of dair teeth. Calcium also helps our musclesare actively growing have greater Mountains in the familiar stick form typical to Illinois is called Elginnoticed that some plants produced larger ears of corn, or had beta ruminant nutritionist. My daughter and I feed 80-100 calvessons and a wife who teaches. One of my sons is showing interestand nerves work properly, and helpsrequirements for protein than yOn average, each cow My position entails understanding thepasteurized milk twice a day. We also have 60 weaned calves thatin farming, so there is a chance Dairy farming will go into the 4thblood clot. Milk products also provideolder animals.There are seven different dair produces 8-10 gallons produce buter the buter printers were out dated and new printersbest plants to plant again. In the late 1800s and the beginning of the refer er. When western dairies grew and began using surplus milk toto form a new hybrid.vesting, farmers saved the seeds from the food dairy cows eat, and how thosewe feed calf starter and hay. y parlor. The generation for my family which really excites me. us with carbohydrates, protein andcow breeds in the Unitedof milk per day. Thatproduced shorter stubby sticks. The names stuck and buter isI 1900s many began experimenting with the concept of a hybrid. Because cows utilize and transform their food2. T ell us about your farm and the technology 2. WThere is a lot of technology in the Dairy industry. It is excitingVitamin D. You should have 3 servingsStates. The most commonis over 100 glasses into the products that will be consumedy? y cows being used. hat technology do you use on your farm? yDAIRY breed in the United Statesper day. Milk is part of by humans. For example, if we feed soybean meal to cows, weWe presently milk 800 cows in a 40 stall rotar because it is rapidly changing the industr y cow. For about $35is Holsteins. Holsteins are ed to as Elgin Buter or Western Stubbies. silks on the ear), hybrid corn involves crossing twould expect the cows to convert that into protein. Feeding cowsrotary has a robotic post-dip arm. Our cows are housed in a in genomics testing. I normally test ever y. I am a big believerblack and white. Other breeds A. E llinoi tilizes itself, (the pollen from the same plant fertilizes the needs to be affordable to the farmer, so I am always checking thecross-ventilated barn which is climate-controlled. There are 72I get a sample of tissue from a baby calf. I send it to a lab forinclude Jersey, Brown Swiss, prices to make sure the farmers and the cows are happy. Lastly,fans that pull the air across to keep the building cool. Our cowsanalysis and usually have the calfs genomics information back inwo specific types of cornnsey, Ayrshire, Milking I teach students about animal and ruminant nutrition to preparehave RFID ear tags which have a computer chip that is scannedtwo weeks to a month. If a calfs numbers are not good for milkGuer thorn, and Red and White them for a future career in this field. t of your job?when they enter the parlor. This sends information, such as production, I can try to sell her. That way I do not put resourcesybreeds Shor cows. Far fat.yyour school lunch . Staley s Cor2. How involved are you with dair how much each cow gives, to the computer. Our cows also into an animal that is not going to be productive. On the otherHolstein. They can be tan, Tom Rober n PioneersIl Augustus Eugene (Gene) Staley was first introduced to the soybeanHe began selling seed corn in 1935 as part of the DeKalb My research and all classes I teach revolve around dair wear tracking collars to measure activity. This is similar to a extreme, I can learn if a cow is going to be exceptional. I recentlybrownish gray, golden brown, in the 1870s when a church missionar Count ts began his work with hybrid corn in 1923. and dairy breeds. A couple examples of those breeds includeFitbit. We use recycled bedding in our cow stalls. The manure had this happen for the first time. I have a cow ranked 130th in thereddish brown or shades of Holstein and Jersey. I make sure my research and community- runs through a press that separates the liquids from the solids nation. It is a really big deal. Genetics-based numbers are a ver these colors with patches.and has been for trip to China. Staley planted the beans and continued to harvest themLester P y Agricultural Association, later DeKalb Seed. based learning programs are relevant and helpful to the farmer and then we use a skid steer to blow the bedding in the stalls. reliable predictor of a cows potential. I have had people reach outSome breeds produce a lot ofover 70 years. The for years as a youngster. By 1916, he had opened a corn starch plantfister began his work to breed beter corn in them to tr y brought some back after a in Decatur, and was convinced that soybeans would be beneficial to1925 near El Paso, Illinois. After many years, and narowly by making dairy farming more affordable. This gives us a smaller carbon footprint and is part of ourabout buying her strictly based on seeing her numbers on milk and some breeds produceNational School sustainability plan. We also have auto-steer on our tractors to the internet. inois farmers. He began speaking with farmers and encouragingplanted across the state.help with planting and harvesting crops.y growing soybeans in rotation with corn. In his plant Staleyy farms somilk with a lot of butter Lunch Act was My favorite part is changing peoples lives by teaching them 3. What is your favorite par y. We are fortunate 3. What do you want people to know about the Farmers consider this whenpassed in 1946.crushed the soybeans he had farmers growing and used the oil andavoiding financial ruin, Pfister struck gold and his corn was 3. W hat is your favorite par t of your job?the importance of the dairy cow. I help students understandI love feeding the calves and working with my family. We Dairy industry? choosing a breed of dairmeal for a variety of new products. In 1917, Staley formed sports clubs Chic for his workers to participate in andOn a family farm in Funks Grove, McLean County, EugeneThe Land of Lincolnhow to feed a cow properly and I feel a sense of pride when myhave 4 children that are all part of the dair Each generation is getting further removed from dair mers improve their students can talk about lessons learned from my research andand blessed to be doing something we love.We live in a there is less understanding of what we do. I think young peopleherd through genetics andfat in 1920 George Halas was hired to teaching. Teaching animal science can be challenging. Each great community. y now? y day. We haveare getting bombarded with information and its not all correct. Iselect cows that produce moreBefore modern lead the footbal team. The Staley person learns differently, so the content must be taught in manyy industr encourage you to get out and see dairy farms. We work hard ever milk or have a higher butter milking machines, Bears moved to Chicago in 1921 and played as the Chicago Staleys.Funk began looking for ways to produced high yielding cornChicago, a pordifferent styles in order for the students to fully 4. W hat new and exciting things are day to do the right thing by our animals and to produce greatcontent in their milk.In 1922, the team was renamed theHenr as well as prevent disease from atacking corn crops. FunkThe State of Illinois is 55,584 square miles. The Mississippi River forms the understand. Once the students have a good understanding, other family members. they can teach farmers about proper dairy nutrition.happening in the dair products for people. While I am partial to Prairie Farms, whethera farmer could milk ago Bears. 179003 A popular co Bros. Seed Company was formed with Eugene Funk and 12har states western border and Lake Michigan is the far northeastern border.FIRSTThere is new technology being introduced ever you want to drink organic, or Great Value, or whatever brand is inGuernsey about six cows by Ethanolincorporated a lot of that in our new milking facility. Due to betteryour grocery store, or eat foods that have cows milk in them likehand in one hour. When sugars from corn ferment, it produces alcohol that can be burned. In themillion people live in the state, and over 75% of the population lives in the with farmland. t on Lake Michigan is the third largest city in the US. Over 12 genetics, feed, and housing, the cow of today is able to produceice cream, cheese, or yogurt - its all good. Its what I give to myy Ford built one of his early cars that ran on pure ethanol, or fuel 1820s Samuel Morey developed an engine that ran on ethanol, and in 1896Chicago metropolitan area. While Illinois is the 5th most populous state (behind more milk. Research is showing how important milk and milkfat isfamily, and just like your family, I only want what is best for Now, farmers can 17 Sherb Noble opens17 1790731 made from corn alcohol. In the 1970s due to the oil crisis, the popular gasoline200 California, Texas, New York and Florida), nearly 75% of the state is coveredpeoplefor the developing mind and as part of a balanced nutritious diet. my family.Holstein milk over 100 cows made from corn known as ethanol became more popular. In addition to burningIllinois has over 70,000 farms covering over 27 million acres. Those farmsDair First 90530 cleaner, which is good for the environment, ethanol is a renewable resource.account for over $19 Billion in revenue each year. Not only do we plant andThe first people in Ilin an hour. Illinois -product of ethanol production is distilers grains which are thevest goods in Illinois, we also process and ship various has about 93,000 y Queen proteins of the corn plant that can be used for livestock feed.agriculture products across the state, the nation and dairy cows that the world. Read on to see how Illinois became a in Joliet. -year-old agricultural powerhouse. produce close to 2 9037 billion pounds ofhunters. These hunters folLocate the code on yourAyrshire and calf milk a year. debutsbecomes availableStock Yards close90838 9093 inois were probably small groups of nomadic Elgin Buter Soybean mealaf Chicago Union17 17 12700137 ice sheets melted and population grew, early Native Americans carton or container, enter as a parchmentas low-cost,ter 106 years Dippin Dots, Iceturned to woods, lakes and rivers for food and protection.it and click Find It. Youllhigh-proteinowed herds as they roamed. As the instantly know whichTry this simple recipe to make your own ice cream! Red and White Holstein calf Brown Swisshow certain processdairy your milk cameWHAT YOU WILL NEED: Ice Salt, any variety PASTEURIZE:wrappedfeed ingredientin operation. Cream of theIl Worst floodingIlinois leads nationThe Archaic Periodfrom. The same goes forIndividual serving Ziploc bag Dish towel to GENETICS: of heating and cooling milk pound stick. causing boomFuture founded inin states historyThis period of Native American culture lasted your yogurt, chocolatecoffee creamer insulate hands BULL: male cattle features pass from parents to kill bacteria and protectmilk, cofee cream,containers of dairy in US livestockNew Grand Chain,in western andin production ofits purity and flavor from about 10,000 years ago to about 3,000 production. inois. southern Il t inoissoybeans. years ago. Archaic people lived in small camps cotage cheese, ice l Ziploc bag 1/3 full of ice. 5. Layer with more salt. y used for breedinga mineral foundto their young PASTURE: land coveredSTEER: male cattle ycause $1.5 bilionIlli along rivers and streams. The archaic peopleted VOCABULARYcream and more.1. Fil veral solid 6. Finish filling Ziploc with ice. in dairy products that is needed grass, clover or alfalfawith grass and other low plantsnot used for breedinglosses in crop andmade advances in hunting techniques and star1900s PROCEDURE: proper y damage. HAY: of our curent lakes andnois The Middle Woodland Period ent WhereIsMyMilkFrom 2. Shake se for about ten minutes. for healthy teeth and bones and fed to cattleprocessSILAGE: fermented corn,UDDER: part of a dair cultivating native plants to supplement their dietcom 7. Shake Ziploc vigorousl CALCIUM: that is cut, dried and baled, suitable for grazing animals.The landscape of Illinois that is favorable for farming is due mainly to theThis period of Native American culture lasted in the cursprinkles of salt on ice. 8. Dig creamer cupsCALF: cattle less HEIFER: female cattle wheat or hay with the stalks andcow that produces, storesglacier periods from over the last 2 million years. Glaciers scraped the tIllinois area from about 3,000 years ago to 1,250 years ago.dairygood.org 3. Put 2-3 sealed creamer cups in Ziploc. . out and enjoy! than 3 months of age that have not had a calf leaves that is chopped and fedand dispenses milkFor More Information, Visit These Websitesmoomilk.comfueluptoplay60.com 4. La yer with more ice, filling Ziploc aboutCARBON FOOTPRINT: HOMOGENIZE: to cattlea structure for storingWEAN: switching a calfland leaving rock and sediment behind. This glacier movement formed- In addition to introducing potery vessels for food storage, the ductive soil in the world wasand as it retreated some of the most pro Middle Woodland people began using the bow and arow to huntprairiefarms.comusjersey.comfofarms.com 2/3 full the effect life has on where milk fat is broken into tinySILO:riversfrom its mothers milk to for food.midwestdairy.combrownswissusa.comhilmarcheese.com the environment particles that are evenly spreadbulk materials used in agricultureeating on its own17 ficial state soil, is found on more than 1.5 million acres of Illinois land.The Mississippian Period stldairycouncil.orgusguernsey.com n.commilklife.com COW: a female cow that throughout the milk to store grain or fermented feed ycouncil.org milkingshorthor 90232 Common Core: ELA-Literacy.RI.4.1; RI.4.2; RI.4.3; RI.4.5; RI.4.7; SL.4.1; L.4.3has given birth to a calf MILK: a nutrient rich known as silagelefbehind. Drummer silty clay loam, theLasting from 1,100 years ago to about 500nationaldairusayrshire.com mation Processing:DAIRY: food group containingliquid that comes from years ago, the Mississippian people had a moreholsteinusa.com This issue of Ag Mag has been provided by: Math.Content.3.NF.A.1; 3.NF.A.2; 3.MD.A.2; 3.MD.B.3; 4.MD.A.1 milk and milk products female mammalsPrairie Farms, Midwest Dairy Association, and The IAA Foundation. Next Generation Science Standards: Inheritance and Variation of Traits: Life Cycles andand some beans. Additionaly, the Mississippian 17 stable cultivated food supply of corn, squash Traits: 3-LS1-1; 3-LS3-1; 3-LS3-2; 3-LS4-2; Structure, Function, and InforA. E. Staley opens9043 17 2000s The Fertile Soil people are known for building ceremonial and 4-LS1-1; Structure and Properties of Matter: 5-PS1-2; 5-PS1-3Illinois Learning Standards for Social Science: SS.IS.1.3-5; SS.IS.2.3-5; SS.IS.3.3-5; first commercialDr. Andrew Moyer190535 17 When Marquette and Jolietset burial mounds such as Cahokia Mound in first visited Il southwestern Illinois. , SS.IS.4.3-5; SS.IS.5.3-5; SS.IS.6.3-5; SS.EC.1.3; SS.EC.2.3; SS.G.3.4; SS.EC.2.4soybean processpenicil 1941 beginsRay Kroc opens first90733 17930 20036 plants. Much of Il tile soil and abundantThe Illinois or Illiniwek Peopleplant in Decatur. researchingMcDonalds inProtection Agency90 17 moving water, of inois, they noted the fer specifically on the eastern seaboard, increased yield ofDes Plaines. EnvironmentalSoybean oil- to normal farming practices. Settlers drained the lands byAs the United States was being To learn more about Agriculture visit us at agintheclassroom.org, or contact yourinois was covered in swampland unsuitableIn 1673 as Marquetin in Peoria.begins to phasebased crayonsWalmart beginscreating drainage ditches and placing underground tiles to aidpeople.led by European immigrants, County FarmBureau office or Agriculture in the Classroom, Illinois Farm Bureau out leadedRemoving the water, left Il many native tribes were moving west. 1701 Towanda Avenue, Bloomington, IL 61701. way for corn-basedfirst appear on thepackagingsoil is dark because of the high amount of organic matter thatexplored the land that is now Illinois, gasoline, makesmarket. f the land and into the local streams and rivers.e and Jolliet This issue of Ag Mag has been provided by: ethanol production. materials in corn- comes from the decomposition of prairie plants that grew onthey discovered the Illinois or Illiniwek the soil al inois with thick, rich black soil. The The IAA Foundation. based plastic. the soil. Ditches were replaced by terra cotta (clay) tiles. Those have now been replaced by plastic tiles underground. Draining ows plants to grow better. Drainage is even important County FarmBureau with house plants, make sure there is a hole in the bottom of your pot to alow extra water to exit. 16 IAA Foundation Impact Report To learn more about Agriculture visit us at agintheclassroom.org, or contact your , Il office or Agriculture in the Classroom, Illinois Farm Bureau1701 Towanda Avenue, Bloomington, IL 61701. 180,000-125,000 Before Common Era (BCE)1673Illinois Learning Standards for Social Science:SS.CV.4.4; SS.G.2.4; SS.G.3.4; SS.EC. inois Glacier Period. 25,000-13,000 BCE10,000-3,000 BCE1,000 BCE- E)800 CE-500 CE Marquete and Joliet FL.3.4; SS.H.1.4; SS.H.2.4; SS.H.3.4 750 Common Era (CWisconsin Glacier Period. Archaic Indians roamMiddle Woodland Indiansexplore the curent area of Ilinois. in Ilinois. Mississippian IndiansMississippi River.building Cahokia Mounds. BCE CE 1600s'