b"I'm Germinating! Ask Me How.On this day first graders in WilliamsonBeanie BabyCounty are learning about how soybeans grow. Local Ag Literacy Coordinators leadMATERIALS NEEDED:hands-on activities like the Beanie Baby to Jewelry size resealable Waterhelp students grow in their understanding bag (found in craft stores)Measuring spoonsof agriculture. After this lesson, the Crystal Soilstudents were able to explain that their Soybeansseeds were germinating.(Found in plant nurseries)Yarn Hole PunchFind the newly updated Soybean Ag Mag on the IAITC website and create your ownDIRECTIONS:1. Punch a hole in the top of your bag, above the Beanie Baby.zipper seal. 2. Placeteaspoon of Crystal Soil into the bag.3. Drop 1-2 soybeans into the bag. 4. Add 1 tablespoon of water.5. Seal your bag.6. Insert the yarn into the hole to make a necklace. 7. Use the yarn to hang your beanie baby aroundthe room to chart the effect of various exposures to light and heat. You might want to wear it around your neck and under your shirt to provide constant heat for your Beanie Baby!8. Check your Beanie Baby several times a day towatch the process of germination.9. Record the growth on a chart.17"