b'Dear Friends,As we reflect on the end of a decade, it is humbling to see how much good the IAA Foundation has accomplished on behalf of our donors. And it is rewarding to share that our steady growth and financial stability means we can continue to serve agriculture and our farm families for decadesto come. Our Mission to support the future of agriculture and farmfamilies in Illinois has taken many forms over the years, yet a few things remain constant:Our desire to support young people, advancing theireducation and career opportunities.Our motivation to help generations removed from thefarm make meaningful and educated connections back to how their food is grown. Our willingness to grow and adapt, helping membershipand county Farm Bureaus successfully meet their local charitable goals.We are listening to the needs of our rural communities and growing agriculture industry and figuring out the best ways we can help address the future challenges we will all face together. Being a trusted philanthropic partner for Illinois Farm Bureau members means we can help individuals and families meet their charitable goals. Whether that plan includes safely transitioning farm ground to the next generation or establishing a family legacy through scholarships and research grants, we are here, and will continue to be here, to serve our members and our communities for generations to come. Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to grow our mission and deepen our purpose.Sincerely,Susan MooreIAA Foundation Director2 IAA Foundation Impact Report'