b'Building aLEGACYThe IAA Foundation is privileged toon classroom experiences under the direction represent and raise funds on behalf ofof their teachers or county Agricultural Literacy Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom.Coordinators. As a result, students grow up with a better understanding and appreciation for our The mission of Illinois Agriculture in thestates number one industry. Classroom (IAITC) is to teach Illinois childrenThrough the generous support of individuals about agricultures importance and the vital roleand businesses who want to provide a future for it plays in their lives and society. Through IAITC,agriculture, the IAA Foundation can supply the students have the opportunity to learn aboutfinancial means to keep IAITC thriving.nutrition, science, and agriculture through hands-In the 2017-2018 Program year694,449Students reached with IAITC lessons.614Teachers participated in Summer Ag Academies, and1,166pre-service teachers received 62% training on incorporating ag into the classroom.of school centers in the state of Illinois (2,655) utilized IAITC resources.in book and teacher grants provided new ag-related $13,160 chapter books and other materials to73teachers and libraries across the state.12 Building a Legacy|IAA Foundation Impact Report: A Legacy of Excellence'