THE BEEF CHECKOFF PROGRAM LAUNCHED A COMPREHENSIVE LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT TO QUANTIFY AND BENCHMARK ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF BEEF INDUSTRY SUSTAINABILITY FROM 2005-2011. MIDWEST DAIRY FARMERS ARE  COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY of vegetables could be fertilized from the nutrients  from the manure produced by dairy  cows in the Midwest OUR PROGRESS In the last 60 years,  the dairy industry has INCREASED milk yield 4X while OUR IMPACT Cows in Midwest Dairy states  produce enough milk to supply  the needs of all residents, as well  as another 18 million people. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, State & County Quickfacts (2010); U.S. Dairy Sustainability Report (2013); MIDWESTDAIRY.COM 85,000 TONS DECREASED 90% 76% 65% 63% cropland use manure production water use carbon emissions 17 Source: Beef Industry Sustainability Lifecycle Assessment (The Beef Checkoff). 10% Impacts on water 2% Energy use 7% Impacts on soil 2% Resource consumption 32% Occupational illiness & accidents 3% Water use