22 LIVESTOCK FARMS ARE GOOD FOR THE STATE AND LOCAL ECONOMIES OF ILLINOIS Agriculture is one of Illinois’ largest industries. Livestock adds value to existing agriculture in our local communities and provides significant income and jobs in Illinois. The livestock industry, which includes raising livestock, processing meat and dairy, and producing animal feed, is an economic engine for Illinois. The dollars generated from livestock production ripple through the state’s economy. For every $100 of output created by livestock in Illinois, an additional $80 of economic activity is created outside the industry.22 These dollars support local taxing bodies, such as roads, schools, fire districts, community colleges and county government. LIVESTOCK HAS BEEN A BEACON OF LIGHT FOR AN OTHERWISE BLEAK STATE ECONOMY AND HAS INVESTED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN ILLINOIS’ LOCAL COMMUNITIES. For example, in 2017, there were 89 swine farms that submitted a NOITC to IDOA. These farms planned to invest an estimated $56 million in new construction, which includes building materials such as lumber, metal, concrete, and equipment such as feeders and gates. By adding in the NOITCs for 17 beef farms, 14 dairy farms and 3 poultry/turkey farms received by IDOA in 2017, an estimated $68 million was planned to be invested in construction costs for new or expanding livestock farms in 2017 alone.23 The success of Illinois livestock has a large impact on the state and local economies. For example, in 2014 alone, livestock contributed the following to the Illinois economy: •  $1.2 billion in earnings •  $300.7 million in income taxes paid at local, state, and federal levels •  $321.3 million in the form of property taxes24 From 2004 to 2014, livestock in Illinois increased economic output by more than $1.4 billion, boosted household earnings by $255.8 million, contributed 6,059 additional jobs and paid $64.8 million in additional tax revenues.25 LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION, ALONG WITH MEAT AND DAIRY PROCESSING, CONTRIBUTES $14.1 BILLION ANNUALLY IN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY IN ILLINOIS AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 52,124 JOBS THROUGHOUT RURAL AND URBAN AREAS OF THE STATE.26 Livestock Farms are Economic Engines for Illinois Truth #3 Pike County is a great example of how growth of pork production has been positive for the local economy and has been able to coexist with neighbors and communities. According to data from the Pike County Economic Development Corporation from 2004 to 2012, tourism increased by 34 percent at the same time hog numbers increased by 101 percent.27