25 “A growing livestock industry means Farmweld can continue to expand and provide more Illinois jobs. Farmweld’s ripple effect can be felt by more than twenty other Illinois companies, which supply materials such as hardware, parts, pallets, steel, stainless, marketing materials and more. In addition, Farmweld utilizes local owner operator trucking for the majority of loads, and the builders who install Farmweld equipment also employ a workforce.” – Frank Brummer, President of Farmweld AUTOMATED PRODUCTION (AP) – TAYLORVILLE, ILL. Automated Production Systems (AP) is a world leader in the production of livestock equipment. AP takes pride in offering swine farmers a full-line of proven, reliable and efficient solutions for their swine farms. The Taylorville, Illinois facility produces feed delivery systems, feeders, fans and watering systems. AP is one of AGCO’s Grain and Protein brands, which also include Cimbria seed processing solutions, Cumberland poultry solutions and GSI grain systems, whose North American Headquarters are in Assumption, ILL. The Taylorville plant, which opened in 2007, employs more than 200 people and annually ships more than $100 million worth of livestock equipment. In 2017, AP completed an $8 million expansion to the plant, including a 40,000 square foot building, which houses five new state of the art plastic extrusion lines. “The livestock industry is a major contributor to Illinois and to rural communities. AP is proud to employ many of your neighbors and your customers in our factory. We are very interested in seeing livestock production grow in Illinois. When livestock expands, we are positively impacted and prosper.” – Tom Stuthman, General Manager, GSI Protein North America FARMWELD - TEUTOPOLIS, ILL. Farmweld manufactures swine equipment, including feeders, waterers, gates and flooring. Being a growing Illinois company since 1979, they have many great producer and builder relationships in Illinois, the Midwest and the United States. Farmweld currently employs 50 people in positions ranging from sales and marketing, to engineers, welders and general laborers. Innovation is, and always has been, at the forefront of every business decision Farmweld makes. Three years ago, they added a powder coat line to improve quality and delivery times for their customers, as well as reduce labor. Already in 2018, they have added a state-of-the-art fiber laser for cutting material to bring more outsourced labor back into Illinois, while also adding more creative flexibility with their products and speeding up lead times for their customers. Because of the pork industry growth, they have been able to give back. In 2017 alone, they provided 35 donations to organizations, benefits and people in need in Illinois. One such example is Farmweld’s donation of 1,000 pounds of pork to the Central Illinois Food Bank as part of IPPA Pork Power Program. That program, which is in its tenth year, has donated more than 625,000 pounds of pork to Illinois food banks. Here are stories of companies that are finding success due to the presence of livestock in Illinois.