26 Livestock Farms Create Opportunities to Bring the Next Generation Back to Illinois’ Rural Communities OPPORTUNITIES EXIST FOR ALL TYPES OF LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION Livestock production can provide opportunities for a variety of farms with different levels of investment and labor needs. These can include: There is an opportunity for future livestock growth because of increased demand for food due to increasing world population and greater number of middle class people demanding more protein in their diets. Livestock will need to be produced to meet this growing demand. Illinois is positioned to take advantage of this demand due to several factors: • Niche production locally grown, farm direct markets • Genetics purebred breeders, animals for livestock shows • Commercial production for domestic or export market Truth #4 •  ADEQUATE LAND BASE Illinois is fortunate to be comprised of adequate space for livestock and communities to co-exist and enough land to utilize the manure for crop production. •  ACCESS TO PLENTIFUL FEED SUPPLY Illinois is number one in the nation in soybean production and number two in corn production. Soybean meal and corn are two main ingredients in livestock feed. •  SUPPORTING INFRASTRUCTURE Illinois has several meat processors in our state and several in nearby states, as well as a vibrant allied industry to support livestock production. Illinois also is centrally located with access to major Midwest consumer markets. •  QUALIFIED & CARING PEOPLE Illinois is blessed with many talented and compassionate farm families that have been raising livestock for many generations.