Conclusion It is time to stand up and tell the truth about today’s Illinois livestock farms and the farmers who care for their animals, their environment, their neighbors and their communities. •  Data from state regulatory agencies show the declining trend of livestock-related environmental issues proving that livestock production is a professional industry with established rules that are being followed.  •  Existing regulations, such as the LMFA and IEPA livestock rules, are working. New livestock laws and regulations are not needed for problems that do not exist. •Individual farmers and the livestock industry are investing time and resources to educate farmers to further improve environmental performance and compliance. •  Livestock has proven to be part of an environmentally sustainable system. •  Manure is a valuable, renewable resource that improves crop productivity and soil health. •  Livestock is a bright spot for rural communities and the state economy by supporting jobs and economic activity. •  Livestock creates opportunities for young people to return to the family farm and rural communities. Supporting a thriving livestock industry is essential to the future of Illinois’ environment and economy. Livestock supports young farmers, our rural and urban communities and the future of Illinois agriculture. 32