I L L I N O I S A G R I C U L T U R E : L E T ’ S G R O W | I N V E S T I N G I N T O M O R R O W ILLINOIS AGRICULTURE IN THE CLASSROOM EDUCATED 690,000+ KIDS ABOUT FOOD AND AGRICULTURE DURING THE 2017–2018 SCHOOL YEAR. OVER 78,000 OF THOSE STUDENTS EDUCATING THE NEXT GENERATION GETS THEM EXCITED ABOUT THE HUGE OPPORTUNITIES IN FOOD AND AGRICULTURE. Agriculture takes the future of Illinois seriously and provides many resources for future generations. Agriculture in the Classroom is a flexible educational program designed to supplement and enhance a teacher’s existing curriculum with information and resources about agriculture. Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom is supported by donations from farmers and agribusinesses through the IAA Foundation. More than 33,000 Illinois high school students are enrolled in agriculture education programs. 75% of those students come from non-farm backgrounds.16 These programs help students learn leadership skills, gain hands-on experience, and explore the hundreds of potential careers in agriculture. Livestock farms are another way that Illinois agriculture is keeping young people in Illinois. When young farmers invest in livestock, they also invest in their community. Many become involved in their local schools, churches, organizations, and local governments. Illinois agriculture works hard to create the next generation of leaders and provides opportunities to keep them here in our state. The future of Illinois, and of Illinois agriculture, depends on it. 4-H IS THE LARGEST OUT-OF-SCHOOL YOUTH PROGRAM IN THE COUNTRY. 4-H & FFA PROGRAMS PRODUCE LEADERS. 200,000 KIDS FROM EVERY COUNTY IN ILLINOIS PARTICIPATE IN 4-H.17 WERE FROM COOK AND THE COLLAR COUNTIES. 21 16  Enrollment and FFA Membership by School for Grades 6-12. Illinois Agricultural Education. http://www.agriculturaleducation.org/images/editor/17-18%20(9-12)%20Ag%20&%20FFA%20Enrollment.pdf 17  About 4-H. University of Illinois Extension. https://4h.extension.illinois.edu/about