Illinois agriculture is the engine that powers our state’s economy. No matter where you live in Illinois, the agriculture industry touches your life in many ways each day. $120,000,000,000 in Illinois’ economic activity stems from production agriculture and related industries. This equals 9.6% of Illinois’ total economy.3 Agriculture is not just a critical economic driver for rural counties, but for all counties in Illinois. Twenty-four of Illinois’ counties derive at least one-third of their total output from agriculture and agriculture-related industries. Cook County, Illinois’ most urban county, derives $27 billion in economic activity from agriculture and agriculture-related industries, 5.2% of the county’s total output.3 Agriculture is also critical for job creation. Agriculture and related industries account for over 400,000 jobs in Illinois or about 1 in every 17 jobs in the state. I L L I N O I S A G R I C U L T U R E : L E T ’ S G R O W | D R I V I N G T H E E C O N O M Y Cook COOK COUNTY DERIVES $27 BILLION IN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY FROM AGRICULTURE AND AGRICULTURE-RELATED INDUSTRIES. AGRICULTURE AND RELATED INDUSTRIES ACCOUNT FOR 400,000+ JOBS IN ILLINOIS.3 COOK 5 3  Case Study – Illinois Agricultural Economic Contribution. Decision Innovation Solutions. contribution/