b'CSP share program will also benefit other pollinators, such as In 2017, the CSP program added enhancement practiceshoneybees. IDOA will explore the feasibility of establishing specific to pollinators and monarchs, and 25.7 acres weremonarch and other pollinator habitat at the Illinois enrolled. Those enhancements gained in popularity in 2018,State Fairgrounds in Springfield and the DuQuoin State and an additional 99.7 acres were enrolled.Fairgrounds.ACEP Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)Since 2014, Illinois NRCS has obligated money towards toIDNR has administered the state Conservation Reserve conservation easements on 4,306 privately owned acres.Enhancement Program (CREP) since 1998. CREP is a These acres are comprised primarily of cropland, but dostate incentive program tied to the federal CRP. CREP include some privately owned forestland. The acres will beprovides long-term environmental benefits by allowing restored to wetland wildlife habitat, and some of the acresenvironmentally sensitive lands within the Illinois and will be specifically restored to monarch habitat. To date, Kaskaskia River Watersheds to be restored, enhanced, 400 acres have been enhanced specifically for monarchs. and protected over periods ranging from 15 years to permanently. This program is a prime example of how Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) partnerships between landowners, governmental entities, Partially in response to the IMP, the IDOA has includedand non-governmental organizations can address the USDA NRCSs Pollinator Practice Standard 327 intowatershed quality concerns and improve wildlife habitats the IDOAs FY 2019 Partners For Conservation Program(see Figure 10). (PFC) to aid in the establishment of pollinator habitat,STATE CREP EASEMENTSwhile also addressing erosion and water quality. The cost- Easements Total Acres Enrolled1,500 1,290 1,408 100,000 81,340 90,990A pollinator planting, featuring forbs and grasses thatbloom at various times of the growing season, is a1,000 50,000recognition and reminder to all of us that the wonders of nature are intertwined and go far beyond our own500 25,000efforts and enterprises in food production. A pollinator0 0plot provides educational moments for our families and2012 2018 2012 2018neighbors, urging us to regularly look closely at a bit of creation that contains more than we normally observe, Figure 10: State CREP Easements 2012, 2018and appreciate its complexity and beauty.Ted Funk, IPPA Consultant to the Pollinator Project 19'