b'What canYOU do? PLANT A POLLINATOR HABITAT ONPESTICIDE STEWARDSHIPPARTICIPATE IN RESEARCH YOUR FARM (in your garden, alongFollow your pesticides labels Reach out to any of the ag groups roadsides, in field corners, around Monitor your surroundings in this report to be connectedthe homestead) and check for sensitive areas with researchers and hostInclude milkweed and endangered species research on your farmPlant other flowers that bloomMay through October to provideSIGNAGETELL YOUR STORYsustenance for monarchs during Dont be shytheir stay in Illinois Publicize yourPresent at local meetingspollinatorto diverse groupsCHANGE YOUR MOWING PRACTICEShabitat with signage to Tell the media what youFarm-specific recommendationseducate yourdo for the environmentcoming! Stay tuned neighbors and Dont mow road rights-of-way community(ROW) unless necessary forsafety, problematic weeds andAG IN THE woody encroachment CLASSROOM,Negotiate more flexible mowing4-H, FFA practices in your leases byWork with student groupsdiscussing the benefits of to create habitat and educate pollinator and wildlife habitat the communitywith your landlord31'