b'Illinois Pork Producers fiber to millions of people worldwide. and farmers with establishing and Association FSA administers specific initiativesmaintaining high quality monarch and The IPPA is an agricultural tradethrough the CRP. With technicalpollinator habitats and with Farm Bill association representing more thanassistance from the NRCS, FSA assiststechnical assistance. FWS also provides 2,000 pork producers throughoutfarmers in establishing high qualityexpertise to agencies, conservation Illinois. IPPA is comprised of countynative wildflowers that support thegroups, and landowners on effective pork producer organizations in moremonarch butterfly and other pollinatorshabitat restoration and management than 20 counties throughout Illinois.throughout the growing season.techniques.The state organization is an affiliate of the National Pork Producers CouncilUSDA Natural ResourcesUniversity of Illinoisand the National Pork Board. IPPAConservation Service Extension provides producers with services that(member of Science Committee) The University of Illinoisenhance profitability and preferenceWith small teams of technical specialistsExtension has 27 units located for pork. Illinois pig farmers care aboutin nearly every county in the country,throughout Illinois. These offices serve the environment and work hard toNRCS works to protect and enhance theas a resource on a variety of issues protect the land for future generations.nations natural resources by workingincluding plant diseases, insects, Today, pig farmers are using 78% lessone-on-one with private landownerswildlife, growing fruits and vegetables, land, 41% less water, and their carbonand community leaders to establishas well as monarch conservation. footprint is 35% less than 50 years ago.conservation on the land. Local, state,University of Illinois Extension offers Tree buffers and pollinator habitats federal agencies, and policymakersoutreach and educational programs are just a few of the current BMPs thatalso rely on NRCSs expertise. NRCSto all citizens including farmers, youth, pig farmers are embracing to benefitdelivers technical assistance based onbusinesses, and communities.the environment.sound science suited to a customers specific needs, with Farm Bill financialUniversity of Illinois Extension Illinois Soybean Associationincentives available through variousPesticide Safety Education ProgramISA checkoff and membershipFarm Bill Programs. The NRCS StateThe PSEP is responsible for pesticide programs represent more than 43,000Technical Committee (STC) serves intraining in Illinois, including developing soybean farmers in Illinois. The checkoffan advisory capacity to the NRCS andtraining curriculum, scheduling funds market development, soybeanother agencies of the USDA, focusingtrainings, and answering questions production and profitability research,on the implementation of the naturalregarding certification requirements. promotion, issues, managementresources conservation provisions of and analysis, communications andFarm Bill legislation, including thoseWaterborne Environmental education. Membership and advocacyaddressing pollinator and monarch(member of Science Committee)efforts support Illinois soybean farmerhabitat. The STC Wildlife SubcommitteeWaterborne Environmental is in its 25th interests in local areas, Springfield, andmeets two or more times peryear of using science-based approaches Washington, D.C., through the Illinoisyear and presents wildlife specificto create novel solutions, drawing from Soybean Growers. ISA programs arerecommendations to the agricultural engineering, ecotoxicology, designed to ensure Illinois soy is thefull STC. agronomy, biology, entomology, highest quality, most dependable,data and database management, sustainable, and competitive inUnited States Fish and Wildlifeenvironmental chemistry, numerical the global marketplace. For moreServicePartners for Fish andsimulation, geospatial technologies, information, visitwww.ilsoy.org. Wildlife Program statistics, and hydrology. Its mission The PFW Program is a program withinis to form trusted partnerships with USDA Farm Service Agency the FWS that is 100% dedicated togroups and individuals that share their The FSA implements Farm Bill policyworking with private landowners topassion of agriculture and conservation to Illinois farmers through 93 fieldconserve, protect, and enhance fish,to bring science-based solutions to offices around the state. FSA overseeswildlife, plants, and their habitats forcross-sector challenges. programs and loans to help farmersthe continuing benefit of the American and ranchers provide food, fuel, andpeople. FWS assists private landowners 33'