b'Illinois Monarch ProjectIn 2016, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)Missionand partners identified the need to coordinate monarchHelping monarch butterflies butterfly conservation activities across the state and tothrive throughout Illinois by engage stakeholders in strategy development. A Monarchcollaborating on conservationFigure 3: IMP LogoButterfly Summit was held in Springfield, Illinois, to beginactivities and encouraging engagement by public and development of a unified strategy for monarch butterflyprivate landowners across diverse urban and rural conservation in Illinois. As a result, the Illinois Monarchlandscapes.Project (IMP) was established. This collaborative work has resulted in a formalizedOrganizational Structure organizational structure, with buy-in from state agencies,A leadership team comprised of representatives from each and a shared vision and mission for the effort. primary sector has met monthly since September 2016 to Vision guide the direction of the statewide effort. IMP presently Inspired Illinoisans fostering a culture of conservationconsists of a state coordinator and volunteers serving atthrough engagement in monarch butterfly and pollinatorall levels. habitat initiatives, thereby ensuring future biodiversity.Agriculture, ROW, Natural Lands, and Urban sector stakeholders, along with a coordinator and key partners, 6Illinois Monarch Project'